What would it take to turn your team into

professional negotiators?

You have options.

Greater skill in negotiation gives power. 

In your training program you will learn to:

  • Find more value by identifying opportunities
  • Maximise gain with optimum negotiation strategies
  • Persuade using effective communication
  • Plan the negotiation and analyse results
  • Identify and expand individual negotiation styles
  • Defuse aggressive negotiation tactics

Bespoke means it is uniquely designed for you. 

Your negotiations are unique to your industry, your role, your context. “One-size-fits all” training cannot address your challenges.

Your training should focus on your specific needs. Examples and exercises should be familiar and useful to you. Content should be relevant to your skill level, and not to the average negotiator.

Our training program will suit your needs, combining an optimum mix of our knowledge and services.