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  • It must have been very difficult to condense so much down into three short hours, but I feel like I got a lot out of it. Things that seem like common sense (like talking about your interests, rather than your goals for the negotiation), and encouraging the other person to talk openly about their interests from the get-go, is such a straightforward starting point for any negotiation. I have to have some difficult discussions in the coming months and I know that these strategies will help me a lot. The 'bundling' strategy is also excellent. I will keep these things in mind for the future. The readings were also excellent and very interesting to read. I'd probably go so far as to say that this was probably my favourite development module so far.”

    Westpac Future Leaders Scholar
  • "One of the most important lessons she taught me was the following: When working with people in challenging situations, instead of solely relying on hardball tactics, good negotiators should try to create a genuine win-win situation for all involved parties by trying to understand their underlying true interests. (Catchphrase: “Interests, not positions!”)"

    Michael Guan
  • "To my view, Noa is combining the unique skill of critical thinking, expert knowledge of the subject and robust analytical capabilities with the perfectly balanced personal qualities, such as positive attitude, empathic listening and a good sense of humor. As the course was increasing in complexity to the MBA-level team negotiations with constituency parties, Noa was an invaluable guide to an understanding of what were the real underlying interests and what other, creative, out-of-the-box solutions could be employed to achieve a win-win result. By clearly delineating various conceptual blocks of the art-and-science of negotiation Noa really helped me to understand how one should prepare oneself for it and what should be the focus areas during the negotiation process."

    Slava Keshkov
  • Great session that will aid in my development as a leader. I am very glad this course topic was covered and hope it is continued in the future leadership courses.

    Westpac Future Leaders Scholar
  • Noa was great. She gave a great introduction (only 3 hours!) into a detailed topic, which was full of practical applications. The mix of theory and practical skills was just right. Her examples were relevant, engaging and easy to relate to; particularly considering that we are from diverse areas. I would recommend Noa to anyone who wants a crash course in developing their negotiation skills!

    Westpac Future Leaders Scholar
  • "We work in an industry where decisions and actions occur at breakneck speeds - and our work involves communicating, collaborating and negotiating with many other teams. Noa helped provide us with the tools to better help our stakeholders see the insights we channel from our voice of the customer, so that we collectively can provide transportation as reliable as running water. Delivered in a fun interactive workshop, Noa was engaging, made the materials relevant and helped us quickly grasp core concepts to better negotiating with our teams."

    Robert Chan Community Operations at Uber