You’ll go far with clarity, strategy and self-awareness

Noa is a lecturer at the UNSW School of business, currently teaching the postgrad course Negotiating in the Global Context. She is a researcher in the field of negotiation theory and is coauthoring the 4th edition of the book Effective Negotiation: From Research to Results with negotiation expert Ray Fells. She founded Sheer Negotiations with the aim of bringing evidence based negotiation practices to practitioners, and has been working with companies such as Uber, Westpac, Hubspot and PwC to bring them the best and most relevant insights to aid them in their unique negotiation contexts.


“I have seen one common thread through all of the problems my clients or I have encountered. Where interactions were held by master negotiators, non-obvious solutions were found, creative agreements were made, value was created and interests were satisfied. Where interactions were held by others,┬ápotential remained unexplored.


The tools that I have adopted from the wealth of literature both academic and practitioner-based, and of my own design based on my experimental research, have given structure with which to control and analyse every interaction. They provide immense influential power and have helped dissolve frustrations that often come with confrontation. Best of all, these tools can be taught elegantly, methodologically, humorously, and be implemented for immediate results.


I take pride in providing a service that immediately starts to pay for itself in more loyal relationships, obliging suppliers, repeat clients and more valuable deals.”

Noa Sheer, Founder.

There is an art and a science to masterful negotiation.

The science involves analysing data to see what works. Our founder has devoted the last seven years to researching the methods of successful negotiators. Our evidence based approach to training means you will gain from the most up to date and compelling scientific research on negotiations.


The art is more subtle. Focusing on the important details, knowing which questions to ask, anticipating how your words will be perceived and framing yourself with intention are crucial. Training will guide you in reviewing and improving your negotiation style.


We do not teach what negotiators do, we teach what most negotiators don’t do, but should. The techniques that will give you an advantage.